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Apr 21

Черепина english

Axis Land Partnerships is committed to securing the best value for landowners without them incurring any upfront costs. Revenue sharing options are also available.  Our expertise is based on a wealth of experience in property, construction and infrastructure and the flexibility and willingness to explore new ways of working.

The McAlpine business is built on 147 years of successful partnerships.  As a Family business, we care for and depend on each other and this collaborative and respectful approach is the foundation of our business culture.  We take a collaborative approach with landowners by operating under a promotion agreement. This allows you to retain ownership of your land whilst we undertake the financial risk of the site investigation and assessment work required to obtain planning permission. Once planning permission is granted, the uplift in land value can be substantial. At this point, the site will be marketed and sold to a developer. The revenue from the sale is then split (at an agreed rate) between you (the landowner) and Axis Land Partnerships.

Across the group, we have decades of experience in delivering planning consents, which are often complicated, lengthy and expensive. Our proven approach is to proactively engage with local communities and planners on your behalf. This approach, together with an understanding of your aspirations builds trust and confidence and most importantly a vision of what is the best approach to promote your land.

At an early stage we also consider major infrastructure needs such as highways, schools, цивик buildings and of course the socio-economic benefits that housing brings. By factoring these needs into the overall plan and engaging with the community we are able to create sustainable places where people want to live.

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